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Which of these 9 Dating Categories are You? Are you a No. 8?!!

1: The Desperate

The Desperate are characterised by one simple trait – they will happily date anyone with a pulse who shows the slightest interest in them. Unfortunately, they tend to be desperate for a reason, and it won't always be obvious what that reason is when you first meet them, so tread warily if you encounter one of these folks. But you never know, the one you meet might be wonderful, just someone who’s experienced a run of bad luck.
On the plus side, they're likely to be extremely loyal!
Dateability Rating: 3/5

2: Mr or Ms Independent

The mantra “I’m totally independent, have great friends and am happy with my life, but there is something missing” highlights a lack of self-awareness. These folks are oblivious to the fact that they are single precisely because they are SO independent, and don't really have space in their lives for a partner. What their attitude gives off in waves is “I don’t want or need anyone, and I especially don’t need someone coming into my life and changing it – I like it the way it is!”.
Good for you! Now, tell me again – why exactly are you on a dating site?
Dateability Rating: 1/5

3: The Not Ready

So, you’ve exchanged tons of messages, you’ve swapped phone numbers and had phone conversations that last for hours, with no awkward pauses and everything going great between the two of you. Or so you thought.
The Not Ready are those, who when you get to the point where it is obvious the next step is to meet, realise that they aren’t ready to do so for one reason or another – not over ex, happy being single, just don’t fancy you enough, whatever. Happy to string you along, but they blow you off when it gets close to meeting up.
You have two alternatives at this point; keeping the relationship going and gently trying to persuade them to meet up, or giving up and moving on. I’ve always been a “move on” kind of guy, but if you’ve got the staying power, you can sometimes end up meeting a real keeper if they eventually give in and agree to meet you. A friend of mine met his lovely wife this way, after months of her refusing to meet up, trotting out one lame excuse after another. Eventually his charm – and patience! – wore her down.
Dateability Rating: 2/5

4: The Separated

The Separated fall into two main groups...